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Custom Interior Doors

Voiss Wood Products manufactures custom interior doors in a wide variety of styles and materials that make your Pacific Northwest home as unique as it is stylish. Installing customized doors can completely transform the look and feel of any room, enhancing your home’s appeal and value.

For example, you might like a rustic look for a country home and love the look and feel of a particular type of wood, finish, or handle. In addition to creating your own special style, custom doors from Voiss Wood Products are a more economic investment than prefabricated doors because they last for decades. 

If you are considering investing in high-quality custom interior doors, here are five benefits that make buying them from Voiss Wood Products money well spent:

Exceptional Quality

Voiss Wood Products constructs custom doors designed to your exact specifications and always uses top-quality wood. A specially made interior door offers the features and style that complement your home’s design. 

In addition, a custom-made door from Voiss Wood Products comes with a level of craftsmanship unavailable with the prefabricated doors sold at home improvement stores. Our handcrafted doors feature detailed millwork completed by excellent craftspeople.

Gives Your Home A Unique Look and Feel

With custom doors, you choose each aspect of the design, so you can choose materials and features that match your taste.  For example, you may choose a solid wood door, a door with a transom, or a unique barn door. The possibilities are endless!

Custom Interior Doors That Last For Decades

Generic, prefabricated interior doors never stand the test of time. Made on an assembly line with inferior wood, they tend to be flimsy and prone to decay. Voiss Wood Products custom doors are made with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, allowing them to last for decades longer than the “budget doors” sold at home improvement stores.

Custom Doors Give You the Style You Want 

Voiss Wood Products custom interior doors allow you to create the style you want. This makes a statement about who you are and your family are. For example, if you love the Pacific Northwest, interior doors made with one of the region’s trees can make a statement about how you feel about the area. In addition, custom doors serve as a sign of love and respect for your family, guests, and home.

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Being able to choose the size of the doors has many advantages. For instance, if you are replacing an existing door, a made-to-order door allows you to use the existing door jamb. Also, a custom-sized door eliminates the need to cut or modify an off-the-shelf door.

Voiss Wood Products: The Finest Craftsmanship in the Pacific Northwest

Custom woodworking is an ancient art that takes years of practice, natural dexterity, and creativity. Voiss Wood Products craftspeople know how to bring your vision of custom doors to reality. In addition, we offer professional consultation on the design options that allow us to create the perfect custom exterior door and custom millwork.

Custom interior doors from Voiss Wood Products offer elegance, quality, and durability.    


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